Natural Therapy

Natural Therapy Advisor: Ben A. Hokenson, DC

Natural therapy, commonly referred to as “Alternative Medicine,” is an integral part of healthcare focused on wellness rather than disease.  Health is the natural state of the body and mind.  Sickness and disease are a result of our bodies’ inability to adapt to the compounding effects of physical, chemical and emotional stress in our body, leading to toxicity and deficiencies.  The focus of natural therapy is to support and enhance our body and mind’s inherent self-healing and regulating capabilities.  Interfering stressors and toxins are removed, thus providing the essential natural ingredients that we lack in order to regain and maintain physiologic compatibility known as “health.”

The mission of Uriel's Natural Therapy division is to increase the understanding and participation of “Alternative Medicine’s” role in the care of the patient.  Working closely with the Medical Research division, the Natural Therapy division’s vision is to promote health and wellness by supporting preventative healthcare pursuits, research, and quality healthcare delivery.

About the Natural Therapy Advisor

Dr. Ben A. Hokenson is a Chiropractor at Function Performance - Sport Chiropractic in Oregon City, OR.  Dr. Hokenson received his undergraduate degree in Communications from Oregon State University and his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from the Western States Chiropractic College.

Dr. Hokenson’s primary research interest is in Functional Neurology.   Functional Neurology is a medical discipline that focuses on the central nervous system’s (CNS) interaction with the environment, as the CNS is the human body’s modulator of expression and experience.

American College of Functional Neurology